Mom rewards her son by letting him ravage her naked body


Conor has really studied hard this term....and his hard work has paid off!!! His new Report Card is out.....and he got straight A's!!!! Mom is absolutely thrilled with Conor's good news. Conor asks his Mom if he can get a new Xbox as a reward for his hard work......but Mom has a different type of Reward in mind!! When your Mom is Sally D'Angelo....these things tend to happen!! Mom instead offers up her smoking hot Cougar Body to her young Son to ravage and enjoy! Conor, being a young boy, with raging hormones....immediately jumps on board with the "Motherly Reward" and starts to eat his Mom's Pussy. Mom gets horny quickly...and spreads her legs to entertain her Son vaginally. Mom is overwhelmed by the enormous cock her Son has....and she screams in ecstasy as Conor Pounds away at her. Conor ends his Motherly Reward session by cumming in her mouth, and all over her face!! The two quickly get dressed....and just in time, as it turns out....because.....Daddy's home!!! Conor tells his Dad about the good news with his Report Card....but Dad is distracted by the white sticky substance all over his Wife's face. Mom tells dad that she and Conor went for ice cream to celebrate.....and Dad buys the story Hook, Line & Sinker!!!

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