Mom's extra income as stripper


So my bitch step mom was giving me a hard time for skipping church. Little does she know that she'll never give me hell again, because I found out where she worked last night when I stopped by The Wagon Wheel club. She's been dancing, my Step-Dad has no idea, and I got her MILF ass on video too! I have the feeling she's going to be a lot less of a bitch to me now. I can't believe I actually got her to give me my first lapdance. Now I smell like her and I can't stop thinking about how that big juicy milf ass felt on my hard dick My step-mom has been super nice to me since I found out she worked at the club. I can't stop thinking about that lapdance, and my dick gets rock-hard whenever I'm around her. I swear to god she's doing it on purpose. Today I could see her camel-toe through the yoga pants and her hard nipples through her crop top. Begging her to stroke my cock didn't work, so I had to blackmail her again. When is she going to learn to stop being a bitch to me? At this rate, she's going to make me cum whenever I feel like it, and she seems like she might even be into it So it's been a while since I found out my step mom was dancing a couple nights a week. She gave me that lap dance then that handjob, and we've been getting along great, but I can't stop thinking about her. Everytime I'm within 50 feet of her my dick gets rock hard. So once I knew my Step-Dad was gonna be gone for a few hours, I had to go for it. She really surprised me this time because I didn't even have to threaten her to get what I wanted -- she's into it now. I've never come so much in my life and I'm so happy that I got to put my biggest load in my step mom's mouth My Step-Dad went away for work, so I was alone with my step mom. He wasn't gone but for a couple of hours before she dragged me into her bedroom. I was expecting another kick-ass blowjob, but when she took of her panties and bent over to show me her perfect ass and pussy, I knew it was on. When she got my dick wet with spit and pushed it deep in her pussy, I thought I was going to cum right that second. I can't believe I got to fuck my fine ass step-mom... holy hell my step-dad would k*ll me, especially if he knew I bent her over and came deep inside her. Especially if he knew she fucking begged for it. I gotta be honest I was a little freaked out when I looked down and my cum was dripping out of my step mother's pussy

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