Mom Tells Me I Belong To Her

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Description: PART ONE -<span class="post-br"> </span>My mom comes home very late, and she's clearly been having a good time out dancing with her friends. I'm the only one home and she doesn't want the party to end and she makes that very clear as she pulls me off of the couch and wants to dance sexily all over me. Once she starts, she can't stop with her flirting and coming onto me. She makes it impossible to resist and I give into her advances as she has her way with my and my now rock-hard dick.<span class="post-br"> </span>PART TWO -<span class="post-br"> </span>My mom calls me to her room. She explains that I belong to her, that she will take care of everything that I need. No one loves me like she does or will do the things she will for me. My mom shows me why she is the only woman I need
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Models: Alexis Fawx