Mom trying to resist son's advances


My Son is such a pervert...I see him peeking thru my bathroom door while I shower...He is always looking at my ass when I walk away and looking down my dress when I bend over...He was leaving for school and I know he has not ever slept with a woman... Friday night I pretended to be from drinking too much wine...I was on the couch and pretending to be very vulnerable...Then the door opened and he walked in...He was in full pervert mode...Grabbing my breasts and feeling my ass...He thought he could take advantage of Mom (and he was correct)... I pretended to resist his advances and walked into my bedroom...He followed me and stripped out of his clothes...I was not wearing much, so he did not have a problem getting Mom naked...He sat between my legs and forced my knees apart while sliding his hard cock in my tight pussy...I was careful to no express too much satisfaction, but his cock felt so nice inside...He trusted and trusted, fucking me from the top, bottom and the side...With every thrust his cock became larger and thicker till I could feel him ready to explode in my pussy... He did not hesitate...My son pumped my pussy full of his warm seed...I would be a liar if I did not say I enjoyed my pussy full of his cum...But my Son is a brave one...He gave me a kiss on the cheek and walked out of the room...Now if only my husband would do this for me...

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