Mommy FINALLY Understands

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1 month ago
**This has got to be my absolute favourite video I have ever made! I enjoyed every second of filming it and the storyline is just SUCH a huge turn on for me personally! Contains 12 scenes. Slow burn until the unforgettable sex scene at the end!** ..I just don't understand.. my Son and I haven't had our special movie night in 3 months now. What has HAPPENED to make him change so fast? He doesn't want anything to do with me any more.. he's rude to me, won't talk to me much.. won't even come down for dinner.. spends most of his free time out until the early hours hanging out with his friends instead of hanging out with ME! It all happened so fast.. one minute he's my sweet Son and now.. now.. now he's like a completely different person towards me.. did I do something wrong? I have to figure this out. His friends turning up on my doorstep demanding he comes out when I'M telling them he's staying in with me to have dinner! Then he just storms out and slams the door acting like I embarrassed him somehow.. then he comes home at 2AM to shout at me! Telling me that his mates and everyone have been bullying him.. laughing at him.. taking the piss out of him for being a Mommys boy.. A MOMMYS BOY?! ..a.. mommys.. boy.. now it makes sense.. he's been distancing himself from me because his friends can SEE how close he is to his Mommy. They must be jealous.. but he can't see that.. all he see's is he has to put a stop to being close to me in order to put a stop to the bullying.. my boy wants to stay my boy but he feels like he can't so he's been horrible to me.. nasty.. upsetting me so much. He's failed his exams.. my friend recommends I take him out on a 'Mommy Son date night' to rekindle our close relationship.. I'll wear my red dress and.. and we can try to get back to "us" again.. Mommy FINALLY understands.. why you've been so distant..