Mommy made me cum 3 times


WARNING!!! THIS MAY BE DIFFICULT TO WATCH!!!! HELENA PRICE IS THE WICKED STEP-MOM OF ALL TIME!! SHE TIES HER STEP-SON DOWN.... AND FORCES HIM TO CUM 3 TIMES!!! Conor's Wicked Step-Mom, Helena has found his Report Card. He is failing math!! She is furious, and confronts the little brat. Conor begs her not to ground him...which is what his Dad usually does. Step-Mom, however, has something else in mind. Something a little more "painful". Helena tells her flunking Step-Son that she is gonna get him where it the cock!! Helena ties him to the bed, and vows to make him cum 3 times in a row!! Conor is terrified as his angry Step-Mom ties him down. Helena starts by sitting on his face, and sucking his cock, while making him lick her asshole. It isn't long before he helplessly cums. Then Helena mounts him....rides him....fucks his brains out....and forces him to cum a second time!! Then.....the worst.....Helena grabs Conor's sore cock...and despite his claims that he is...."done"......Helena yanks on his sore cock, while he screams...and doesn't relent until she pulls out a horrifically painful third orgasm!!! He cries as the final jerks are administered. Helena refuses to untie him...instead...making him lie there in a pool of his own cum....until his Sisters get home from school, at which point, Helena says they can "suck him off a few more times!!!". OUCH!!!

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