Mommy need your help


Honey.what are you doing?I just took a shower and...I was checking on myself ,on my body and you know I am...(embarassed) Oh my god!I don't know how to tell you this,I was thinking about something for long time already and....I'm feeling so embarassed,You know these things..I should talk with a man buuuuut ,baby as you are the only man in my life,I thought I will discuss this thing with you.I know I am your mom and maybe this will seem crazy for you buuut,oh god.. ok I will just say it! -So I was checking on my tits and I think they start to lose their firmnes,they are not so firm anymore and..I think they hang a little and I have read in a magazine.. you know for beauty for women, that something will help to keep them up and firm without sagging skin but for this I need the help of a man.I know you are my son and this isn't maybe normal and is crazy for you but I need your help!Can you just promise me that you will help me with this?(son agree) .Ok you promised ,now I will tell you what is all about - I will just show you my tits,ok?Look at them ,watch them closely ,you see they need to be more firm here,you know I like to look good and you want to have a beatiful mom too?right?Remember is just for me to look good,ok baby?So it's time to tell you what I need........I NEED A MAN"S CUM.....ON MY TITS!

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