Mommy needs your seed


You thought it was just a booty call when she messaged you, desperately begging for your cock that very moment. This was your only chance. So of course you rushed over to her house ready to fuck this babe hard and fast. You didn't think to question why she just had to have you this very second, and never wanted to see you again after. Not until you heard it... the husband's voice from down the hall. But that didn't stop her from secretly whisking you away to the bedroom, so desperate to have your dick inside of her just once. This woman oozed sexual heat, it was becoming impossible to resist her advances. She slowly stripped out of her clothes, and confessed her husband couldn't give her what she wanted, no matter how much sex they had. She was fertile, ready to breed... and you look JUST like him. Her curvy body pressed against yours as she made you admit it... to say it out loud, that you wanted her too. Even if it meant impregnating her.

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