Mommy will always solve everything for you

  • 2 weeks ago
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  • 22:30

You had the worst day in the school today!!! You a joke put the Viagra into your drink during the lunch! It had very, very fast effect on you! And now your cock is rock hard for hours, even if you tried to masturbate at the does not help!!! You start to be desperate!!! And yes, there is the woman who always solve everything for you, who is always there for you and making you feel better any time you need to!!! YOUR MOMMY!!! You know in this time of the year she is very busy but for you is the question of life or !!! You calling her but as much agitated you are, you are not able to explain to her nothing! But she feels it important to you, so mommy told you to come into her office. You run to be with your mom as soon as possible! But to thinking about your mom, doesn't really help you with your erection! You getting even harder then before!

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