Mommy's Inebriated


I came home late from celebrating my birthday with my girl friends. I guess that last round of drinks in the limo threw me over the edge...I come home stumbling, tits falling out of my dress, and slurring my words.....I take one more drink out of the bottle of wine and beg you to help me to my bed....I can't keep my balance with my heels on! You of course are the gentleman that I raised, and helped me into my bedroom....I ask you to please help me out of my dress so I don't make a rip in strip me nude...leaving my heels on.....I start rubbing my pussy...something you didn't know....drinking makes mommy extremely horny...!!! I open my legs right in front of you and beg you to start licking and rubbing my clit!!! I am so horny please don't leave! You know in your head I am inebriated but I look so hot laying there naked , legs spread, and begging to be intimate with me!!! You turn around and open your jeans....your hard manhood pops out...your cock is want me so bad....even if I am inebriated!!!! Please honey...I need you to penetrate me....I need your hard, young, cock inside!!!!!!! ENJOY!

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Big Mike| 1 year ago

Damn, I'd fuck that all night long!

Susan38HH| 1 year ago

I love having my son sperm my fertile womb