Mommy's New Mattress

  • 9 months ago
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  • 13:32

Honey I am finally getting rid of my mattress. It is at least 5 years old and now that daddy is gone and it is just the two of us, I will need a favor from you....I need you to sleep on the one side tonight and set the sleep number that you like...It needs calibrated and there is no one here to do it but you...I am sure you won't mind right? Here honey....slide into bed with you like it? It's so comfy right? Oh....don't mind me ...I love sleeping nude...but if it bothers you , I can slip inot a teddy or you mind if we cuddle? I haven't had a warm body in this bed in my breasts bother your back? I know they are huge and are rubbing against you...oh dear honey...I feel are getting aroused......ummmm...may I? I want to touch you down there...I want to feel you...oh god are making mommy so wet and excited....may I pull my panties off? Get on top of me honey....just lay on me...I want to feel your warmth....oh baby....are you trying to slide it in? aren't wearing a condom....I dont care!!!! OMG honey....I need have me soooo excited...make love to me my darling....don't pull out either! I haven't had this in so long!!!!!!!! ENJOY!

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