Mother cheers up her depressed son by letting him fuck her

Velvet is absolutely thrilled!!! The P.T.A. has just awarded her the Mother Of The Year Award!! She is walking on air...when her Son Peter comes home from school, with bad news. Apparently Peter's girlfriend dumped him...and he is very depressed. Living up to the position of "Mother Of The Year"...Velvet asks Peter if he would like Mom to suck his cock to cheer him up!! Peter is thrilled by the Motherly gesture. Velvet even lets Peter lick her pussy...and as he does, she points out that he is licking the pussy of the Mother Of The Year!! Mom takes it all the way, by inviting her love sick Son to take a poke at her!!! Mom lets Peter pound the stuffing out of her and even cum in her mouth!! "Damn right I'm Mother Of The Year!! Let's see June Cleaver do that!!!" Mom says.

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Yeetus| 5 months ago

That level of acting is just incredible

Anonymous| 12 months ago


James Hawthorn| 1 year ago

I love this video. Thank you for uploading it.

Anonymous| 1 year ago