Mother gets turned on when she see son jerking under the shower


Sally D'angelo and her son Flynt had quite a fling during the Christmas break, but all that is behind them now, or is it?.................. Sally stumbles across Flynt in the bathroom getting ready to take a shower , but what's he doing?... He's fapping away at that big cock is what,... stunned she backs away and scolds him, he explains he's been hard ever since the night they FUCKED ....She reminds , NO MORE......and walks off, but she sneaks back and watches him shower , so turned on she starts stroking herself , backs up against the wall and drops her short shorts stroking that pussy right outside the bathroom (have you ever had that TABOO fantasy about your mom giving you those FUCK ME EYES) ...well she wants to fuck him that is obvious and when Flynt catches her stroking to him the action starts, he picks her up in his arms and off to the nearest bedroom , where they fuck ,suck,titty fuck, doggy fuck, in every position with a CREAMPIE for mommy..... TABOO's BEST

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