Mother instruct son how to masturbate


I hear a stirring inside my Son's room. Is he awake, again?! His insomnia is no doubt the cause of my recent divorce. I probably am not helping by dating already. I tell my Son that I am concerned for him, and I am only trying to find another man to love us both. I take off my stockings, my Son's eyes widen, and I explain "you must try to rest, darling." I know that his sleeplessness is affecting his grades, and I believe also that his own sexual frustration is affecting his rest. I can tell right away that he has a hard on underneath the blanket, so thick, so hard. I explain to him that I also saw the naughty videos he is watching, and they do not explain sex from a woman's perspective. My boy will be courteous of a woman's sexual needs. I need to instruct him, how to masturbate, how to dream of sex. I open up my pussy so he can see how wondrous a woman's most intimate place can be; so wet, so pink, so soft. I tell him exactly what to do with his cock, his hand, then both of his hands as I recall a particularly sexy scene on his computer history-- but THIS TIME I tell him what is feels like for a woman, and for a grown man to fuck. I show him my breasts, how so sensitive my nipples are. I can see that he is becoming quite a strong, masculine, boy-- he might be ready for me. I haven't been laid in quite awhile. Before I make him cum from my dirty talk and masturbation instruction, I climb ontop of him. I want to feel a hot load explode inside of my pussy, and I don't care if it is my son's! I ride him. He takes me from behind, he starts to pound me just as I instructed him to do with his hand: gentle, deep, then harder, harder, he cums so much! I feel ropes and ropes fall ontop my face, my back, my ass crack.. I shove his cock inside of me again, I need to feel the explosion inside. He cums even more inside my pussy, I pump his cock dry with my tight pink pussy. I tuck him in. We shouldn't tell anyone about the lesson I taught to him. Goodnight darling. I know he is going to rest really well now.

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