Mother is giving a tease and deny lesson


When your mom catches you on her bed, naked save for the collection of her clean and dirty panties, which cover your pathetic body, you know you are in trouble. Mother decides to teach you a lesson. She is going to tease and deny you whilst she masturbates you with her panties. Do not be fooled, this will not be a sweet and sensuous treat, this will be one rough and mean hand job Mom will make you moan and groan as she verbally degrades and humiliates you. She will call you names and make you her little sissy panty boy and you plead to be released from your agony. You will regret riffling through that panty draw you fiend!

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Anonymous| 3 months ago

I need my cock because wife has never done it

FaceKreamer| 7 months ago

My girlfriend loves playing this game with me. She'll wear the same pair of panties to the gym for several days. Once she has a collection of them, she start our love session rubbing them on my face...making me smell her musky, soiled panties. The smell is intoxicating to me. It's not long before she is riding my cock...shoving her panties in my face and in my mouth, smothering me in her dirty cunt smell. It's not long before I explode up into her sliding, wet pussy...which she didn't bother to wash before our playtime. She then takes the panties away and slides her soiled, cum filled cunt to my face...rubbing it all over me, making me lick it, cleaning her cunt and eating the dripping cum from her hole. This and and all the dirty talk between us has her cumming and ejaculating all over my face...another treat! ThanXXX for sharing such an exciting panty video. We loved it!