Mother & son humiliation and punishment


Mrs. Stone is very upset with her Son, Dante. Once again she has arrived home from work, and he has not done the dishes. Mom decides that he needs to be punished!! Dante tells his Mom that he will do them later.....but it's too late....Mom is furious!!! Mrs. Stone starts her Punishment by making her Son suck on her feet. She shoves her feet inside her Son's mouth and Forces him to Swallow the sweat from her tired feet. Next, Mrs. Stone bends her Som over....and gives him a good spanking! She uses her bare and hand....and then a paddle to Beat her Son's ass until it is a bright, rosy red. Poor Dante is horrified, as the Punishment continues. Mom sits on her Son's face, and makes him smell her ass and her pussy. Dante begs for mercy...saying that he will ALWAYS do his chores on time in the future....but Mom is not quite done with his Punishment yet. Mom begins to Suck Dante's cock...forcing the terrified boy to get an erection.....and she Sucks it until he ejaculates in his Mom's mouth....and then.....Mom spits the cum into Dante's face!!! Dante is almost in tears as he has his face covered in his own cum. Maybe now he will learn his lesson.

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