Mother son ultimate family fantasy


Sweetie Im so proud of you. You’re so much more confident now. Mommy’s special lesson really had a positive effect on you. I’m so happy the boys aren’t teasing you anymore at School. Oh you want a girl to come over? Hmmm I dunno. I mean.. you know so little about girls. I know mommy showed you how to get a blowjob… but… well I could show you more things… but… well I’m sure you’ll just figure it out for yourself… unless… you really want mommy to show you… but it’s very naughty… If I do, maybe you’ll come back to being home schooled? Promise to mommy. Xoxo Meana Wolf Clip Contains: Your mother gave you a private lesson on how to receive a blowjob from a woman… now you have a girl coming over and you want to learn more about sex… but mom will only show you if you break up with that girl from school… once you feel your cock sliding into your mom’s wet pussy. You don’t even remember what that other girl looked like. Mommy is the best teacher. **Mom Teaches Sex. Mother Son Taboo. Mother Son Family Fantasy. Mommy Creampie. **

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