Mother was pissed at you for missing dinner with her


Mother cooked dinner and told you to be home at 6:00. She waited for you. She ending up eating dinner alone and cleaned up the dishes. She heard you come in late. She was finishing the dishes when you walked in. Mother was pissed at you for missing dinner with her. She asked you were you had been. She did not believe your story. Mother made you pull out your cock. She took a big sniff. She could smell pussy on your cock. She made you tell her the truth. You were out fucking a slut. Mother takes her robe off to show you what a real slut looks like. She gets up on the counter and lifts up her dress. She has dressed up smutty for you. Mother reaches in her robe and takes out her big red dildo. She yells at you. Mother is swearing at you. She tells you to strip. She laughs at you. She makes you jerk off in front of her. She fucks her already wet pussy. She tells you all the dirty things about sluts and whores. She reminds you, if it is a slut you want, you need not look any further than her.

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Brody, Pansy Colonel| 3 months ago

Iwtf MUM

OxBro| 3 months ago

Hi my name is Brody n I'm a 21yr old n my mum is 55yr old woman n for the last couple off weeks we've been having sexual erdges for eachother n showing each other our sexual parts but when she showed me her breast on porpes so the same night as i do my usaul "having my eyes on mum as she looks back at me every time she bendover so that night we stayd in the lounge room on the couch n she would look at me n let me look at her n glance up her dress as she would smoke at me so I pulled out my cock then she closed her eyes after checking me out my hard cock,then a week later she was sitting on the couch n lifted her dress with no panties on n looked me dead in my eyes n I've showed my mum of a porn that I want her to do to my face with her cunt!!