Mother's First Lesson for You


When Mother gathers your shorts to wash them, she finds a condom! She know she has to have a talk with you so she calls you into the bedroom. When you get there, you are a little embarrassed, but Mother makes you feel better. Mother just wants you to know the difference between using condoms, and not using condoms. The only real way for her to teach you is to put one on your penis, then stroke it for you. After you feel how good that feels, she takes it off you and strokes your bare cock.! Mother makes your cock feel so much better without the condom! But there is only one REAL way to feel the difference, so Mother gets undressed and has you put yourself inside her! The feeling is so incredible that you start to feel funny almost immediately, and soon you are spilling stream after stream of semen on Mother's pussy! Not the next lesson you will have to learn is to last longer, so she will show you that next time! A VERY TABOO SCENE FULL OF THE FILTHY MOMMY TALK THAT YOU LOVE!

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Dean| 9 months ago

Made me cum so hard