My daughter keeps seducing me over and over


My daughter Aidra asks to use my shower. Then I hear her cry out and I worry she slipped, but I open the door and she is masturbating and orgasming in the shower! She sees me watching and is not embarrassed at all. I close the door and get into bed, my dick suddenly like a steel bar. Aidra prances out and asks if she can sleep with me and then jumps into bed. She lays very close, moving against me, her hands starting to go places they shouldn't. Then she tells me she slipped a blue pill into my vitamins. My dick is painfully hard, and she takes advantage. I can stop her, I can tell her no and be firm. I don't though. I let her keep going until I lose control. The next morning I hear my daughter Aidra calling me so I go to her room. She is wearing such...well fitting...clothes to sleep in. She asks me to rub her back to help her sleep, but she starts responding in a way that makes me realize that sleepy is not what she is feeling. Moving her but under me, and the asking me to massage lower, I don't want to give in again but how can I not? Last weekend my wife Rebecca has left me a very erotic note. Thank god. We haven't been having sex, and my daughter has been relentless in trying to get me to repeat my mistakes. The lights are dimmed just enough to see her on the bed. Rebecca takes control, she is wearing a mask and being very kinky. I play along, but I really want to see her so I turn the light on. Now the it isn't dark the mask doesn't hide that it is really my daughter! She set this whole thing up. I am furious, but so turned on by her. I give in again.

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