My sister is in my dirty mind


For most of the people this night is horrible....huge storm with upcoming tornado....but for will be one of the best nights of your life!!! And it will be just a begging of something amazing!!! You stock home alone with your sister...your parents are somewhere on the road home...but they will not make it home right now!!! Everywhere around is electricity as far as you can see and out.....disaster!!! Your sister lights up all the candles she finds and as a older one she has to entertaining you!!! Let's play for will be how the times goes...she lost all her money to you! It is the last or never....!!! Lucky you....won again!!! But your sister refuse to pay you! She trying to come out of it!!! But bet is bet!!! And this is your time....your perfect chance to get what you always wanted!!! Make your sister showing you her boobs!!! But'll not stop here!!! There is so much more you want of your big sister!!! Just take it easy....if she will agree with showing you the all yours!!! Who is the best player now?!!! Watching her pretty boobies make your fantasy growing....and not just your fantasy!!! And there....even with your cock stiff... the naughtiest idea born in your head!!! Your sister can make some her money back...if....if she does what you command her!!! Your sister is in your dirty mind now!!! AGREED!!!

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Samuel| 4 months ago

Want a gurl now!!!