My Step-Brother and I


The first time my step-brother and I had sex was...Unforgettable. The wall that separated his room from mine was paper thin, and at night...when he thought everyone had fallen resting, he would watch pornography...and masturbate. If I pressed my ear to the was like I could hear every stroke he made as he jerked his cock. The sound of my step-brother masturbating sent shivers down my spine...and I couldn't help but touch myself too. And then...he heard me. The two of us listened to each other...touching was almost like we were fucking each other through the wall. I knew that I wanted him. The sexual tension between us had grown over the years...and it was waiting to explode. And then I just couldn't stop myself...I texted him...we both knew what we were doing...we started sexting right away. My pussy was getting more and more wet as we masturbated for each other, I couldn't stop thinking about my step-brother's bare cock inside of me. I wanted him to fuck me...I wanted him to fuck me the way that I knew only my step-brother could fuck me... xoxo Meana Wolf

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