My step-sister jerked me off!!!!


4 GUYS ALL SUFFER THE SAME FATE.... JERKED-OFF BY THEIR BRATTY, BABY SISTERS!!!! 4 FULL COMPLETE SCENES OF SISTERS JERKING-OFF THEIR VERY OWN BROTHERS!!! AT AN UNBELIEVABLE DISCOUNT PRICE!!!! KATIE JERKS-OFF HER BIG STEP-BROTHER Katie is just out of the shower, and She is doing Her Makeup. The bathroom door, however, was left ajar....and Her younger step-brother happens to notice Katie....and starts to spy on Her!!! The site of his Spicy, Naked, Latino Step-Sister, is VERY exciting to this boy!! As he stares at his Step-Sister doing Her makeup in the mirror.....he can see Her Big, Beautiful Booty...AND Her Big, Beautiful Boobs at the same time!!! After a few moments....Katie catches Her step-brother spying on Her and confronts him....calling him a Pervert & a Loser. Katie notices that Her step-brother has a Giant Hard-On in his pants from spying on Her....and decides She will Humiliate him by Jerking him Off!! Her step-brother is embarrassed and protests...but Katie Blackmails him...."You're gonna let me Jerk you Off.....or I'm gonna tell Step-Mom that you were spying on me, with a Giant erection in your pants!!" her step-brother has no choice....he must accept the Humiliating Masturbation from his Big Step-Sister....while She continues to taunt him.....until Big Step-Sister Katie Forces the little brat to ejaculate!!! JC JERKS-OFF HER BIG STEP-BROTHER JC is looking for her ipod and big step-bro' is not helping her. He is playing with some dumb video game and JC wants his attention, "Do you like your Li'l Step-Sister's TITS", she asks. JC grabs big step-bro's crotch and laughs at him about the hard-on growing in his pants. She rips off his pants and big step-bro tries to resist but he just can't help himself. Lil Step-Sister JC strokes his cock with oil and laughs when she makes big step-bro cum all over himself AMANDA JERKS-OFF HER BIG STEP-BROTHER Amanda's Jerky Girls Troop is having Truth Or Dare Week. Amanda chose "Dare".....and Her Troop Leader Dared Her to Jerk-Off Her step-brother!!!! Ha Ha Ha.She reluctantly approaches Her step-brother....who is with a bunch of his friends....and shamefully asks for his co-operation with the Twisted Dare. He REFUSES....and calls Her a "Sicko". Amanda is concerned that Faith will get Her "Dare Badge" before She bribes Her step-brother...."If you let me do this...I'll do your chores for a month". That is a deal he can't his friends leave...and Grossed-Out Amanda unzips Her step-brother's pants. "Oh...I have to take pics to prove that I actually did it" She says....and snaps away. Amanda looks like She's gonna be sick to Her stomach as She Jerks Her step-brother's cock. She tells him to hurry up...."Think about that Hot Girl in My History class.....and hurry up" She says. Amanda is COMPLETELY Grossed-Out as he ejaculates all over the living Room!! She takes out Her camera again to take pics of his Milked cock...."The Girls need to see that I actually made you cum" She says KACI JERKS-OFF HER BIG STEP-BROTHER 18 Year Old Kaci has brought Her boyfriend home....and She wants to fuck him. Problem is....Her Booger-Head step-brother is home....and won't give her and Her boyfriend any privacy. Kaci offers to do Her step-brother's chores for a week, if he'll leave...but he refuses. Kaci ups the deal.....She offers to do his chores for a month...but no luck. Kaci DOES realize, however...that Her Dumb-Ass step-brother has an erection after She plays with his She offers to Masturbate the little brat!!!! Kaci sends Her boyfriend outside for a few minutes...and proceeds to get out Her step-brother's cock. Kaci is Shocked at how HUGE Her step-brother's cock is...and tells him, that if he wasn't Her step-brother...She'd Fuck him for sure!!! Little Kaci has to use two Hands on Her step-brother's cock...and step-brother and Step-Sister bicker constantly with each other while Kaci Milks him!!! After She has drained Her step-brother of his bodily fluids....She tells him to She can Fuck Her boyfriend!!!

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