Neglected Mommy

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6 years ago
Scene One: Open Robe Mom comes in, wearing a bathrobe, talks about how lonely she is, Daddy has been neglecting her, how much she loves her son, she asks you if you love your Mommy. Mom asks if you think Mommy is beautiful, etc. One thing leads to another, Mom takes off her robe and lets you feel her breasts. She says things will be changing now and only for the better. She holds a finger to her lips and tells you not to let anybody know about your little secret, Mom puts on her robe and leaves. Scene Two: Tipsy Mom The next night Mom returns to your room. With a glass of wine in hand, she holds a finger to your lips and asks if you had a good time last night? She slips under the covers and gives you a blowjob. When she finishes, she looks you in the eye, smiles and leaves to finish her glass of wine. Scene Three: Mommies Secret Mom is in your bed naked, she smiles and whispers to ask, "Mommy has really been enjoying our little secret. Have you? I want us to do something very special tonight. Would you like that?" Mom begins to undo your shorts and puts you inside her. Mom lets out a little gasp and start making motions as you go in and out of her. She whispers things like, "That's it, that's it baby, fuck Mommy, fuck Mommy with your thing." etc. Mom is closed eyed and gets red-faced during this. You come together. Mom opens her eyes, looks up and smiles. Scene Four: Mommy Wants Your Seed Mommy wants you to make her Pregnant. She goes slow with you, telling you what to do each step of the way. Mom tells you she wants you to go slow, to fill her up with your cock. She wants all your sperm in her and she wants you to give her a son or daughter. Mom tells you how good it feels, how much she loves you till you come in her.