Nerd Daughter Tara Dewlowered by her Daddy

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9 months ago
18 Year Old Geeky Nerd, Tara has been asked out on a Date by the Quarterback on the Football Team…..and Tara believes that this boy is going to want to have sex with her. Problem is….Tara is a Virgin (surprise, surprise)….and she is concerned that her inexperience will humiliate her in front of the boy. Her solution? Tara goes to her Daddy…and tells him about the situation. Tara admits to her Daddy that she has never even been on a Date before….let alone have sex. Tara asks her Daddy to….”Deflower” her… that she doesn’t, in her words…”make a fool out of myself” in front of the guy. Dad agrees to introduce his Daughter to sex….but he lectures her on safe sex. Dad is extremely gentle with Tara as he slowly walks her through everything. Once he has shown Tara how to make his cock hard….he gets her to apply a condom…and remends her that she MUST use a condom when having sex with her Date. Tara tells him that she was taught how to apply a condom in Health class. Once Dad is suited up….he very slowly…carefully….and gently……inserts his penis inside Tara….popping her cherry. Tara cringes at first…as the penetration is very painful….but she soon begins to thrust back at her Daddy…and after some harm pumping…Tara begins to moan in ecstasy….and tells Dad that she feels “funny”. It turns out, Tara has actually experienced an orgasm during her first sexual intercourse!!! Once Tara has enjoyed her orgasm…Dad reminds her that condoms are not 100% reliable…so he councils her to use her hand to finish him off. Tara eagerly masturbates her Dad until he unloads sperm all over her soft, young legs. Tara looks up at her Daddy and asks if she did all right. Daddy gives her a gentle kiss on her forehead and tells her that she did just fine for her first time.