Niece having daddy issues


15 years. That’s how long you’ve been in prison. Your brother has agreed to let you stay with him and his family while you adjust to being out, but it only makes it harder seeing how much you’ve missed out on. Especially watching your niece Meana grow into a young woman. She says she hardly remembers you. It’s been so long since you’ve been around a woman, you can’t help but think about what she might look like naked. You feel ashamed. Thinking about your own niece that way almost made you sick. So you just buried it in the back of your mind. It’s clear that she hates her father, that she needs attention… maybe she has daddy issues. She’s looking for ANYTHING to anger him. She knows that you haven’t had a woman touch you in 15 years. She knows you’re weak. She slides her toes over your sweatpants. Your cock responds instantly. “I haven’t seen you since I was 3 years old. It’s not like you’re really my uncle or anything”. Xoxo Meana Wolf Clip Contains: Your niece knows how much you need to fuck. You’re fresh out of prison and haven’t seen a pussy for 15 years. She likes that. She also likes knowing that it will break her daddy’s heart when he finds out that she fucked his brother.

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