No way I’m having my step-brother’s baby


Did you rest well? I didn’t! You tossed and turned so much! I hate always having to share a bed with you while we’re at grandma’s house…oh my! Step-Brother, I think you should go to the bathroom and “take care of yourself!” Look! Your cock is so hard! You can’t go downstairs with morning wood- grandma would have a heart attack! Fine, I’ll help you take care of it, but just a handjob, that’s it…Okay fine, you can use my pussy a little too if it will help you cum faster- but you can’t cum inside me! I’m not on birth control and it would be SO WRONG for you to impregnate your step-sister! In this taboo impregnation fantasy virtual sex video, I play your helpful step-sister, and try to get you off to get rid of your morning wood. First, I give you a virtual handjob (no cock visible), with a great view of my breasts in my red satin nightie! Then, you climb on top of me, fuck me (no visible penetration) and make my boobs bounce! After you cum inside me I tell you how wrong it is to impregnate your step-sister…fucking is just harmless fun, but there’s no way I’m having my step-brother’s baby!

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