Please cum on my sock dear uncle


Dear Diary A few weeks after Daddy and I started fucking his brother, Uncle Bob, moved in. My desires for older men were getting even stronger lately and I was constantly horny. One afternoon Uncle Bob was laying on the couch when I decided to take a bath. The bubbles and the warm water started turning me on so I decided to masturbate. While I was fucking my little pussy with my dildo I felt like I was being watched so I started putting on a show. When I came out of the shower in my towel I could tell by the way he was acting Uncle Bob had been watching. I decided to throw caution to the wind and dropped my towel while groping Uncle Bobs crotch. He couldn't resist my advances and soon his hard cock was in my mouth. Uncle Bobs cock was so hard I had to feel it in my pussy so I climbed on top of him, riding his cock while he squeezed my tits. I came really hard then turned around so he could drill me deeper. I fucked Uncle Bob til he came in my tight pussy really hard. Dear Diary A few days later I was sitting on the couch in my schoolgirl uniform when Uncle Bob came home early. I convinced him to come to my room and started sucking his cock. I was soo horny I begged him to fuck my schoolgirl pussy and as soon as I stripped off my panties he slid right in. He started fucking me hard so I begged him to fuck me senseless. He pounded my tight little pussy til I came soo hard I went limp and blackedout a second. When I came to my senses Uncle Bob was still fucking me slowly which made me quiver. I wanted even more so I begged him to fuck me harder. This time I wanted to cum so hard I'd be senseless for hours which I was sure Uncle Bob could do. With me urging him to fuck me harder Uncle Bob plowed my pussy harder and harder. Right before my most intense orgasm ever I begged him to cum on my socks after I went limp. Uncle Bob must have really enjoyed the orgasm cause when I came to my socks were covered in white sticky goo.

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