Pounding big sister in the butt until I came inside her

So I kinda put my big sister back to normal… She’s been going to class and doing dumb girl stuff, and Mom and Dad haven’t noticed anything… But that spell didn’t totally wear off. I actually think I may have kinda broke her brain. She definitely isn’t a mindless sex slave anymore… BUT SHE WANTS IT ALL THE TIME. My big sister is constantly trying to fuck me. This isn’t cool. Yesterday she blew me while I was trying to take a shower. Then a few hours later she came in the kitchen and made me fuck her while our parents were watching TV in the living room. She was supposed to be making Mom a sandwich. We’re going to get caught… Today I got home from school and she came in my room again. I told her she needed to leave me alone but a few seconds later she was sucking my dick like a crazy person. I mean, I’m trying here but my big sister is pretty hot… I fucked her again and this time she begged me to fuck her ass. I pounded my big sister in the butt until I came inside her. This is it. This the last time, I swear. I’m taking her to a doctor tomorrow….

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