Prank & bang my snobby sis


I have this issue when I am knocked out that I walk around the house not knowing what I do, most of my family knows and they don't wake me. Today I was doing the dishes and walking around the house up to no good, I take a seat next to my sister Jeanie. She was on the phone with her friend and was telling her everything that was happening, I guess I grabbed her feet and started to rub them against my cock, she didn't stop me but after a while, she retreated into her room. I follow her in and force her to give me a blowjob, I didn't have to force too much Jeanie is a bit of a slut. All while on the phone she just keeps letting me do what I want to her, I slide my big dick right in her pussy. This whole time she thinks I am out of it but I am really not! I just wanted to fuck my hot sister!

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