Punishment from mommy


Mom comes in to talk about how you got caught in your girlfriend's room having sex. She tries to comfort you, but also talk to you about having safe sex. She knows you weren't using a condom, and she doesn't want your girlfriend getting pregnant and becoming a grandmother! She decides that if you want to keep having unprotected sex, you can have sex with her so you can relieve your urges without consequences. But you have to PROMISE not to tell your father. Your mom catches you trying to sneak out of the house. She KNOWS where you were planning on going and what you were planning on doing. Very angry, she reminds you that you're only suppose to be having sex with your mother. But if you actually are going to go out with your girlfriend, you're not going out with a full load.

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figger| 1 week ago

schade dass diese geile votze rasiert ist