Real creampies for my sister


I don't give a fuck that Dad's on his way home... Yes I wore this to school, you know I do whatever the fuck I want. And I want my brother's cock inside me right now... That's right I am crazy... Stop being such a pussy, you know you want it. Touch it, see how wet I am? You don't get to say no to me.... Are you even sick?... Wow, I'm just asking, can't your big brother ask you a question? Look I know you're smart but if you keep missing so many days you're going to fail out of school. I just worry about you, that's all... What are you doing? Stop it, I thought we agreed to be smarter about this... Dad's in the next room making dinner, he'll hear us... Fine just for a minute but you have to be quiet.... Don't be mad at me... I know you told me to not come in your room anymore but I really need to talk to you. You're my brother, I need you, please... I know you're worried but you don't have to be... Nothing bad is going to happen, please trust me. I know we can be happy together....

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