School Girl Daughter


Scene One: Sugar daddy I did a little too much shopping this month and your sugar baby needs to have her bills payed Vanessa tells you. She wants to do something special for you so you can pay her bills. She wears exactly what you like, cut off jeans and a tight top and strips for you like a naughty little girl. Vanessa spreads her legs and plays with herself, looking deep into your eyes. The vibrator on her pussy makes her moan and quiver with pleasure. Slowly and seductively she brings herself to a real and amazing orgasm. Scene Two: Solicitation Vanessa has something important to tell her mom. With a deep breath she tells her mom she dropped out of college and got a boob job paid for by her sugar daddy. Cory is shocked. But Vanessa wants to do something extra special for her sugar daddy and tries to convince Cory to have a threesome with her. Cory isn't sure about any of this, who has her daughter become? Vanessa kisses her on the neck softly. Something Cory hasn't felt in a long time, a thrill runs through her. She sucks and worships her daughter's new big breasts. Cory's wet pussy begs to be licked by Vanessa and makes her cum all over her step-daughter's face. Licking Vanessa's sweet clit Cory makes her orgasm as well. Both girls are satisfied sexually and tomorrow they get a new car from the sugar daddy. Scene Three: Mothers and daughters I convinced her Vanessa says, sitting next to her step-mom. Vanessa tells you to buy a car for her and a trip for her step-mom. You happily agree and they kiss and strip in front of you. Their huge tits and perfect bodies suck and worship your cock. Do you like the way I suck your cock daddy Cory asks. You fuck Cory like her husband never could and watch her lick her daughter. Vanessa wont be left out, fucking on top of you and letting you plow into her. Mother and daughter team up to give you everything you ever wanted. They even have something special planned for you. You cum into Vanessa's mouth and she shares the load with her mom. Thank you daddy they say.

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Your hot

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Xavier Gomes