Schwupp! Caught By The Perverted Step-brother

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2 weeks ago
Fucked and tired, I come home from the Abfick meeting. how many big cocks have fucked me? I don’t know anymore, but it was a lot. The sperm from the splashing young cocks from the party is still sticking everywhere. Suddenly my stepbrother is standing in the hallway and sees me in my jerky outfit. It was already clear that he was now horny. So I showed him my pre-stretched and pre-fucked asshole. I've never had a hot tongue stuck up my asshole so quickly. He swallows the sperm out of my ass from at least 15 foreign tails and gets a huge, hard pipe from it. How perverted is that? That almost burst his tail and he pushed deep into my dirt pit. The foreign sperm from the spraying party and my ass juice are excellent lubricants. I already knew that his tail wouldn't last long. so the thick cock of him injects deep into my asshole. Then he licks my ass and my cunt clean. Out of the corner of my eye I see how he gets horny again ...