Self Defense With Mom Goes Wrong

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1 month ago
I asked my son to show me a couple of moves that I could use against an attacker, should I ever need it. He does not hesitate to show me. It's so important to him that all women learn this. But things start to get a little. different. The way his hands are on me, and his legs wrapped around me, holding me down. I can't move. What's wrong with me? Why do I like this? I need more. I ask him to act out the attacker more aggressively. I can see the confused look on his face when I ask him to show me how someone could spread my legs open and hold me down. He opens my legs and 'pretends' to rip my panties off, but I urge him to do it for real. When he slides my panties down, the wetness on them is completely obvious. I see the fire light in his eyes. He pushes me down and puts his cock on my lips. He slaps me and tells me to open my mouth. My pussy is tingling so much. I do as I'm told and suck his dick. When he's had enough, he pushes my legs open and takes me. I can't believe that an innocent self defense lesson turned into me fucking my stepson! I let him use me until he can't hold back any longer. He squirts a giant load deep inside me and leaves, telling me that if I can keep quiet, maybe he'll come over and use me again. But next time, it will be a surprise. Jane Cane, Shiny Cock Films, roleplay, taboo, blowjob, blow job, pov, pov sex, creampie, cream pie, milf, mature, amateur, big ass, used, roleplay The last time I gave self defense training to my mom, things got a little wild and crazy. This time, I plan to give her a surprise training session to see if I can make it happen again! I text her to let her know that sometime within the next 7 days I would be giving her another lesson, and she wouldn't see it coming. She was all for it and gave me the green light to ambush her. Two days later I go to her house and wait inside her closet just before I know she will be coming home. I wait patiently for her to get in the room and feel comfortable. Just as she is going to walk out of the room, I grab her around her throat from behind and press my already exci cock into her thigh. I whisper into her ear in a raspy voice, 'I am going to take you'. I push her head down until she wraps her mouth around my cock. Once I've had enough of her mouth, I throw her onto the bed and lift her dress up to gain access to her nicely shaved pussy. I jump onto the bed and grab both of her hands to hold them behind her head as I plunged my throbbing rod into her moist pussy. As I slide inside my mother, I tell her she belongs to me, then I begin to pound her pretty pussy. I roll her over on her stomach and slide my dick back in while holding one of her arms behind her back. Once I can't hold my cum back any longer, I dump my load inside her pussy. Jane Cane, Shiny Cock Films, roleplay, taboo, blowjob, blow job, pov, pov sex, creampie, cream pie, milf, mature, amateur, big ass, used, roleplay I try to do my mom a favor and give her self defense lessons, but she isn't taking them seriously. She skips my class today to go shopping. When I show up at her house to punish her, she has her door wide open. Anyone can just come in and take advantage of her. I yell at her and try to make her understand just how serious this is, but I don't think she's grasping it. I throw her down and command her to suck my dick. I tell her all the bad things that could happen to her if she doesn't start defending herself better. I make her show me what she would do if someone came into her home, and she stupidly runs around her kitchen island and throws plates down on the ground, then trips over one. When she's on the ground, I spread her legs, pull my pants down, and shove my cock into her pussy. I put my hand over her mouth and ask her how she would feel if it were a stranger's dick inside of her. I make her stand up, then I shove her down on the couch on her stomach. I make her lift her ass so I can dump my cum into her helpless little hole.