Sharing my ass with dad


Before the start of the work day, Dad had to check his emails...He opened the door to his office to find his daughter (Nikki) nude sitting in his chair...His eyes were still blurry from too much coffee and not enough sleep, he asked what Nikki was doing..."Nothing Daddy", Nikki said with a smile and backed away from the computer... "Remember when I promised you a blowjob every morning Daddy? I am here to administer my first blowjob"...Mom was still sleeping so Dad asked Nikki to make this quick..."Yes Daddy, I will suck you cock fast and make you so proud..." Nikki pulled Dad's cock out and began to suck...Nikki really wants that new car and sucked off Daddy like the car depended on this Blowjob... Nikki could not stop giving the blowjob even as Daddy finished in her mouth...Nikki cleaned off the cock and even licked off the extra on her hand..."I have a surprise for you later Daddy...But not till you get home..." Dad gave his girl a kiss on her ass and sped off to work...Good thing Mom is a heavy sleeper... Nikki had two surprises for her Daddy tonight. First was to cook his favorite meal, Spaghetti with Meatballs...Grandma passed down the recipe to Nikki and Daddy loved Spaghetti with Meatballs.. Dad was driving home from work and could not forget that amazing blowjob Nikki gave just before he left...His cock was raging all day and he had a difficult time hiding his boner from co-workers...Now if his coworkers found out why there was a bulge in his pants, his career would be over...Dad pulled into the driveway and could smell a familiar aroma coming from the kitchen...He walked in to find Nikki Cooking...He quickly smacked her on the ass startling Nikki...He then smacked Nikki on the ass again...Nikki thought Daddy was upset but he calmed her nerves by rubbing down her smooth and round ass...Nikki smiled at Daddy and said dinner was the first surprise of the day...But there was one more big surprise...Tonight Nikki's ass truly belongs to Daddy... Nikki only wanted to make Daddy happy and agreed to give up her precious ass to Daddy...Tonight Daddy would fuck Nikki in the ass... Nikki enjoyed the anal sex so much with Daddy she really wanted to surprise him the following day...The girls at school mentioned something called "ATM" and how much fun and dirty it was...Nikki logged onto her computer and looked up what "ATM" was..."Oh my, ass to mouth...That is so dirty and nasty, Daddy will love it..." Nikki called Dad and invited him to her bedroom...She said there was something she wanted to do with Dad that will blow his mind...Dad rushed over and Nikki brought up ATM...Dad's mind was blown and he made sure Nikki was OK with ATM...Nikki said she would try anything once, plus she really wants that newer car... Nikki took her Daddy's big cock in her ass again...She wanted to taste her sweet ass on her Daddy's cock...Dad pulled out and Nikki sucked...Nikki wanted to try several positions before but sucked off her Daddy prior to him sticking his cock back in her ass...This went on for several minutes until Nikki's ass was wore out... Nikki wanted to suck off Daddy one more time...Straight from her deliciously tight ass, Daddy placed his cock in Nikki's mouth and she sucked him off...Nikki cleaned off her Daddy's cock just before he finished on her face and in her mouth...Daddy's mind was blown and next was his wallet...Nikki had dreams of a new Car and Daddy was ready to buy her that dream...

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