Showing lingerie to my brother before prom


Getting ready for the prom and Im super stressed, my hair isn't right, I cant zip my dress up and Im nervous about giving my boyfriend my virginity! I bought some lingerie that I don't know if I put in on right, or if it even looks good and no way I can talk to mom or dad about that, so I confide in my older brother. He assures me I look great and I confess about the lingerie and want some tips on what to do with my boyfriend. I wanted my brother to look at me as a dude to tell me honestly how I look and that wasn't the best idea. He just noticed that Im fucking hot and half naked in front of him. Doesn't take him long to convince me that he can 'teach' me how to give a blow job and that sex really doesn't hurt...just like he taught me how to french kiss in middle school.....

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casperD14| 6 months ago

Anyone want to trade nudes

Nazma Smith| 11 months ago

Hello people