Sis's Spreads her Female Anatomy


Sis stop....this is embarrassing. Give that back to me! this is too funny. Tell me what you are studying?? No....I don't want to say! Why are you looking at a stupid fake diagram of a vagina? If you really want to pass your test, you should look at the real thing. Here look at my vagina.... Should we be doing this?? You want to pass....don't you? Look, the clitoris is right here. Do you want to touch my clit? Here....I'll spread it open so you can see more inside. You are so wet... Do you like when I touch you? Yes, but you can't tell anybody. Trust me.... I won't tell anyone! Your fingers feel good. Would you maybe want to put your dick in me, you know....just to see how that feels? Are you sure?? Go ahead....take your pants off. I can't believe you are stroking my dick right now. I want you inside of me.... Watch as I get to explore every inch of my sis's warm wet vagina, as she spreads her legs and pussy lips wide open for me. As soon as I slide into her, my balls immediately swell up and want to explode my brother cum all into her!!

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Tyke| 6 months ago

I could suck. Every pussygn