Sister acting so innocent while she's not


My sister is hanging out on the couch playing with her phone. I tell her how my phone has no data left and I can't watch the videos I usually.. jerk off to. Since she won't let me use her phone, I try something else. I tell her all my friends think she's smokin hot and ask if I can look at her instead. She shows me her tits and says don't make it weird, but it's just not enough for me. She tells me I'm pushing my luck when I ask if I can see her panties, but she reluctantly opens her legs anyway. She's so hot, but I can't help but want more! I ask if I can see her pussy. She hesitates at first, but she finally takes her panties off and shows me. At this point, I'm so hard, I just want her to touch it. It took some work, but I finally get her to jerk me off. It's so good, I shoot a huge load all over her tits! Elena is so hot, and I can't stop thinking about her stroking my dick the other day. I was up all night and really horny. I knew she was sleeping, but I had to have more of her. I sneak into her room and start feeling her up and touching her pussy as I jack off. I guess I got a little carried away from her moaning, because she woke up in the middle of it. To my surprise, she isn't mad at all! She takes her shorts off and starts touching my dick. I ask her if I can touch her, and she says I already made her wet so I can. As soon as I put my finger inside of her, I can feel just how wet she really is. She must've been so horny too, because she asks me if I want to put my dick inside of her! I couldn't believe I was fucking my sister! Elena is so sexy and makes me so hard that I explode the biggest load I ever have inside her pussy! I'm hanging out about to play video games when Elena comes upstairs to find me. She's wearing these short shorts and makes it a point to mention that mom and dad aren't home. She asks me in a cute, shy voice if I want her to jerk me off. I didn't think she wanted anything to do with me like that anymore. She gets up and starts taking her clothes off slowly, showing off her body to me, asking me if I remember her tits. I don't want to seem to eager, but I can't help myself around her. She gets down on her knees right in front of me and asks if she can put my cock in her mouth! I tell her it would be my first time. As soon as her wet lips touch my dick, it feels so good. She sucks my dick for a little and then climbs on top of me and slides my dick right into her pussy! I was so excited, I guess I fucked her really hard because she asks to finish me with her mouth, which she then does and I explode to the point where my cum oozes out of the sides of her lips!

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