Sister decides to tease and seduce brother til he gives in


I have a huge crush on my brother and tonight since Mom and Dad are gone I decide to tease and seduce my brother until he gives in. Im dressed in my sexiest silk pajamas ready to play. Jack comes home and I pretend to give a about his class, asking him questions but making sure to bend over giving him good looks at my ass and tits. Would you like some breasts for dinner? Soon enough I have him stumbling over words. He keeps trying to resist so I remind him that he has promised to teach me how to play golf and bring in a gold club. Jack is somewhat relieved thinking Ive given up on whatever I was trying to do... Not! I back my ass and rub on his crotch. "is this position ok" ? Um, yeah but its getting very hard for my Brother to resist now that he has a noticeable boner. This continues and now my brother is getting frustrated and starts grabbing at me.. Hey, what are you doing Jack!? What do you think Im doing? I protest that we are brother and sister and he needs to stop. He laughs and pushes me against the table..I know exactly what i am doing. You have been teasing me for a while now you will learn your lesson.

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