Sister pretends to fall asleep in brothers lap


Im hanging out with my brother and we are very close. I've never been able to let him know that all these years I've become sexually attracted to him. I sometimes get the feeling he does to but we are siblings so neither one of us has the courage to make the first move. I pretend to fall asleep in his lap, snuggling my head into his groin. I made sure to make myself desirable. Tiny panties, tube top barely covering my tits, perfectly straightened hair....he takes the bate and begins to touch me. He knows Im a very heavy sleeper and I often talk in my sleep but I never expected he would take out his hard cock and begin rubbing it on my lips! I begin to lick and suck it in my sleep. He makes sure Im sleeping and just goes with it, letting me suck my brothers dick in my sleep. He asks me questions while he thinks Im sleeping about how often I think of him this way. He asks me if I want him to fuck me. I beg my brother in a sleepy voice to fuck me. Im moaning and talking in my sleep and the whole time my brother has no idea and I want so bad to tell him that Im not sleeping but this is just too fun to see what he'll do while he thinks Im unconscience.

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monsterbeast98| 1 month ago

I wish I had a sister like that , snapchat : monsterbeast98

Ffg| 1 month ago


Anonymous| 5 months ago


Chand| 7 months ago