Sister Reunion


Cory and Amiee are finally together again and these step-sister's are so excited to see each other! Amiee has brand new boobs and she is wearing a dark red bra and panty set, while Cory is wearing a navy blue bra and panty set. Cory takes her bra off and Amiee starts to lick and suck on Cory's nipples. Then, Cory takes Amiee's bra off and she starts to lick and suck on Amiee's nipples. "My nipples are so sensitive now!" Amiee exclaims. Cory pulls her panties off and she spreads her legs in front of Amiee. Amiee leans down and she starts to lick Cory's clit and eat her pussy out. "That tongue feels so good!" Cory moans. Amiee takes her fingers and she rubs Cory's clit while sucking on Cory's nipples. "Don't cum for me just yet..." Amiee seductively whispers in Cory's ear. They passionately kiss each other and then Cory goes down and begins to rub Amiee's clit now. She starts to lick Amiee's clit, and then Aimee suggests that they get in to the 69 position to eat each other out at the same time. "Let's see who can make the other one cum first!" Amiee exclaims. They both eat each other's pussies out to try and make the other one cum!

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