Sister screams as her brother pounds into her


Jack sure knows how to rain on a parade. He very rudely interrupts Cherry Morgan as she sucks her man’s cock and then threatens to tell their parents about the cock sucking unless she agrees to give him head too. The blonde isn’t down with committing incest but she also doesn’t want to get in trouble with her parents so she hesitatingly agrees to blow Jack’s prick. Unfortunately for her, he wants more than just some mouth service and since she’s trying to keep him quite, she bends over and bribes him with her warm tight lady box. Cherry Morgan’s parents think their daughter is an angel and she wants it to stay that way. She knows that news of her being caught red-handed with her mouth on her boyfriend’s dick would mean a serious time out for her so she’ll do whatever it takes to keep that news under the lids. Jack’s price for his silence isn’t cash but rather a blowjob and a hardcore fuck.

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