So proud that my little boy can come 2 times


I get home from my job at the club late at night and my young son is home watching TV. I have noticed him looking at me, especially my legs before and I've tried to explain it to him that its wrong. I guess he is a little old to be dressing in my work clothes all the time. I notice he has an erection and I begin to talk with him about it. My son and I are very close, his father left us when he was young. A Mommy's boy that still sleeps with me at night.... He starts rubbing his cock through his pants as we are just talking and I notice that he cock has matured into his age, and after working the club all night and tired, I'm allowing this moment to become a little too intimate. I know hes a virgin and has never had a girlfriend, his inexperience to women and sex is turning me on. I am now seducing my son... and well, seems as though my son is seducing me as well. He thinks hes just having fun with me, is mom is hot, his friends talk about me all the time..they call me a MILF. I use the opportunity to teach my son, really show him the ropes. Its about time he gets a girlfriend and enjoys his teenage years. After being with a experienced older woman, hell have the confidence he needs to satisfy these young girls, they will be crazy for him. Poor has no idea what to do. So I walk him through, by letting him undress me, touch and feel my sensitive areas.. Even though his cock is now rock hard, that foreplay for the girl is very important. I want him to be a passionate lover like I wish I had when I was a young girl. He is a natural at licking my pussy, makes me cum very fast, I am proud of him. Next, I show him what it would be like to get a blowjob. What he should do while getting his cock sucked. And most importantly what NOT to do. While teaching him his first blowjob, he looses control and cums all over my face! Poor ! The look on his face was priceless. Now son, unless she asks you to cum on her face or in her mouth, you shouldn't do that...but you are learning, so this is good. I want you to concentrate and keep your erection. The best males lovers can cum many times, you can do this... concentrate and keep it hard, you need to last to satisfy your mommy now. I now teach my son how to fuck. He is very good for his first time, we both cum together and he cums again in my pussy. That's my boy! I'm so proud of him.

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