Son having shower with mom

I got up for school and was heading to the bathroom for my morning shower when my mom walked out having just finished hers. i was caught off guard because she was wearing a short white towel and nothing else. we said good morning to each other and then she told me she was done and to get in the shower. five minutes after my shower started i was getting ready for my morning jerk off session when mom knocked on the bathroom door and said she needed to use the sink and wanted to know if that was ok. i said sure and she came in but then she said no peeking, i couldn't figure out why so i peeked and she was naked and rubbing lotion all over her body! i watched her oil herself up while i jerked off, i cant wait for tomorrow! This is part 1 in a new series, this clip only contains female nudity and no sex, its just the piece of the story im telling about a mom shower with her son. enjoy! I got up late for school and when i was walking to the bathroom i bumped in to my almost naked mom(she had a small towel on). we both realized that we were running late and still needed to shower, mom told me to get in first and hurry. When i was in the shower mom came into the bathroom and said if she was late that she would be fired and i wasn't going fast enough. Mom said she was coming in and opened the shower door, i freaked and told mom i was naked. she said she was too and i shouldn't look, yeah right! I needed my morning masturbation session but of course i wasn't going to do it with mom in the shower and decided id have to wait for another time. then i noticed the soapy water running over moms smooth tan milf ass and i got hard as a rock, mom really wasn't looking in my direction so i started to play with myself. i figured i could cum with out her knowing but then she turned around a saw what i was doing. she yelled at me but i was so horny and needed to cum. i told her i needed to do this every morning to focus during school. she told me to hurry up and turned away, i told her it was gonna take a while so she did the unthinkable. she soaped up her hands and started jerking me off. well that turned into a blowjob which then led to me fucking my mom in the shower till i came inside of her! It just happened again, me and mom were bot running late. so of course i said we could shower together again and mom said no way! she said after what happened last time she couldn't trust me and that she loved my dad and wasn't a cheater. so i promised id be good and she actually believed me! Once we were in the shower mom asked me to help wash her back, so here i am again. naked in the shower with my hot mom and im soaping up her back (Booty) and all i can think about is how good it felt to fuck her yesterday. so after a few minutes of this i can tall my mom is getting turn on and then she feels my rock hard cock brushing up against her ass. she tells me its ok and only natural because im a young man, at those encouraging words i move my had below her ass and between her legs. i start using my had to play with my moms pussy and my mom is loving it! then mom starts thrusting her ass back and lets me slide my dick up and down her soaping ass crack. i had to tell mom that i couldn't take in anymore and she needed to help me. so first she jerked me, then she sucked me and finally she let me fuck her up against the shower wall. i finished deep inside my moms pussy then we got out and started our day. we both want to shower together tomorrow but dads gonna be home so i dont know what were gonna do! So after the last couple days of showering with and fucking my mom i was kinda sad that it was the weekend. my dad was gonna be home all day so i knew me and mom wouldn't shower together, or fuck for that matter. when me and mom first shared a shower and some sex she was really mad and ashamed after but after the last time i could tell my mom was loving my cock. so anyways im shower this morning when mom comes into the bathroom........ Naked! i asked her what she was doing and reminded her that dad was home. mom just said dad was out mowing the lawn and he would be riding that thing for hours, then she said something that made me weak in the knees. she said i can think of something id like to ride, then she garbed my cock and got down on her knees and started sucking my rock hard rod. after just a minute i told her i couldn't take and i needed to fuck her, she said not here, she said i could fuck her on the bed she shares with my dad. Yes i got to fuck my mom doggy style on her own bed and the best part when i came, i didn't pull out!

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