Son's Depraved Desire

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**WARNING SOME VIEWERS MAY FIND THE FOLLOWING VIDEO DISTURBING, VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED ** You have always wanted to fuck your mom, even more so now dad left over a year ago. You are obsessed with her, you take her dirty panties out the laundry, sniff and lick them and jerk off into them imagining fucking her pussy and asshole in every way imaginable. You love watching her through the crack in the door while she showers, her body is made for fucking. You cant control yourself around her and cant hide your massive erection. She has caught you many times watching Mommy/Son porn and thinks you have a problem, you can tell she is worried about you and a little scared when you watch her resting and pull the covers down to see her body. You cant control your urges anymore, you HAVE to fuck your Mom and you are going to fuck her good, wether she likes it or not. You come back late your Mom is out for the count in bed, tonights the fucking night. You go into her room a few times, then back to your room furiously jerking your cock, your mothers pussy is going to get ruined and the icing on the cake would be getting her pregnant with your Illicit offspring. You pull her panties down, she is not happy with you at all and tries to fight you off but you persist as you are not someone to give up easily. She struggles but you ram your cock in her, fffuuuucccckkkk this is a dream come true. You are deep inside your Mommy, she begs you to stop and not cum inside her as she has no birth control. You empty your massive load into her then admire your work watching your seed drip out of your mother. She is upset and angry but you are not finished with her yet, you fuck her tight little asshole and flood that with your sticky white cum. She tells you to fuck off and your a pervert, you look at her on all fours with your cum dripping out of both her holes. She is your dirty I word Hoare now. Virtual Simulated sex/anal sex (no real cock or dildo visible) , POV, Creampie.


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