My Sons New "Play" Loft

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Description: I've had a couple encounters with my Son and have decided a place to go is just what my son and I need to get more "Mommy Play Time" in. Something somewhat hidden.....somewhere no one would suspect, I thought to myself "what about the garage attic", we used to play their when he was a little boy! It'd be like Cumming Full Circle. I began thinking of how to make this happen....It's indeed a MUST! I go to the upstairs attic and realize there is MUCH to be done to make this ours again.....With a TWIST! My thoughts now turn to the first Handjob....Mmmmmmmm he was so hard......then to the Blowjob......God his young CUM was so tasty! I'm SO turned on by my thoughts of my son. I need MORE!!!! MUCH more......I begin clearing the way for our PLAYROOM. Yes honey, Mommy's up here..... CUM see what I have for you! I arrived to the conclusion you need a "Man Cave" and my son has more lessons needed from here you go! Remember how we used to play her when you were a little boy? Yes, I thought you'd remember. Mmmmmmm look what Mommy has here for you. Some of your favorite Magazines and a bottle of Lube right there next to them, overseen by your Teddy Bear I bought you, remember Teddy? He can watch us PLAY again.........Ah yes sweetheart, thats your new TV for you to watch all the Latest Porn Mommy just ordered for you. Yes, I've been thinking of all we've shared too....thats how I came up with this "Loft Playroom"! Why don't you look at the magazines Mommy brought you? I DO know my son don't I!! That's it.....let mommy stroke and suck on your cock like a good boy as you look through your magazines. Your getting so hard.....I love how you feel in my mouth.....and you taste......SO GOOD!!!! Mommy is getting so turned on again.......let me take matters into my own hands and you concentrate on the pictures in your girly magazines! I need to feel you cum again, taste you, God Mommy has such a Naughty Little Boy......I love you baby. I can't decide where I want you to cum this time......your so hard......I can feel your cock growing and your balls getting so tight....your about to explode...Hold it baby....Hold that cum in for Mommy just a little longer....we must learn Stamina....God your SOOOOOOO hard...... Are you ready sweetheart? Mommy Knows The Best place for her little boy to CUM next...... Yes baby.... you heard Mommy right.....Thats where I want you to CUM!
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Models: Kasey Storm