Sore mom gets massage from son

Mom is sore after her workout but her personal trainer wasn't available to give her usual massage. She asks her shy son to massage her instead....

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fkol1984| 1 month ago

my mom has even better ass and each year we go to nudist dad is ok man but my mom is very hot 48yo woman(98-62-95) and we are nudist even at our home sometimes(when its to hot etc.etc.) and we are open minded.last year at nudist camp my dad gets drunk as hell and my mom was quite normal after 5-6beers...that night she tell me that she is going to sleep in my tent and I said ok....she sleeps nude always and I did not have anything against that,after a min I gave her massage and she falls in deep sleep...I noticed that her ass is dirty and start to clean her bu my dick got hard so I stat to masturbate...I was masturbating my penis 3cm from her pussy and in one moment I start to massage her pussy lips with the tip of my penis and I cum all over her butt and pussy...I just put my condom on and slide it deep into her and she was so tight...slowly fuck her for while and cum inside her and right away I put another condom and continue to do that but then my mom wakes up and see cum on her and confuses me with dad and say to me "continue" and I did

Anonymous| 1 month ago


Erick Nes| 10 months ago

Mom does have a awesome ass, that's for sure