Spoiled little sister is being kicked out of the house


Vanessa moved into my apartment about a month ago. She never paid any rent. She never washed her dishes and barely did laundry. She never got a job. And even worse, she'd ask to borrow money from me all the time so she could go party with her loser friends. I would have kicked her out weeks ago but but there was one thing stopping me - she's my sister. I might be an asshole, but I felt bad for her after her boyfriend kicked her out, I figured I'd be a good brother and let her stay with me until she could get back on her feet. I didn't plan on her acting like such a spoiled little brat and not doing any of the things we agreed on. Last week I finally had enough. I told her I was throwing her out unless she would agree to do a little something for me... I've always thought my sister was hot, I used to get so jealous at all the different guys she used to bang in high school. Vanessa has always been a slut, so I figured with her living with me that I finally had a chance to get some action... Of course she completely flipped out when I told her what I wanted. I wasn't sure it would work but I told her if she didn't do what I was asking that I was fucking done helping her sorry ass out. I know I'm probably a pervert but it's really not that big of a deal. I just wanted some blowjobs here and there. I told her I didn't even want to fuck her. So like the desperate slut she is - she got naked and sucked my dick. A few days later she bitched even more and said she wouldn't do it again, but after I put all her stuff in garbage bags she changed her mind... All things considered, I'm pretty happy with our little arrangement. Vanessa fucking hates me and acts like a total cunt all the time and still never cleans up after herself. But I couldn't care less. My little sister is my secret blowjob whore now, and it's pretty hard to hear her complain when my cock is in her mouth....

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