Step-sister blackmail

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3 years ago
I catch my step.step-brother drooling in my panty drawer and I knew I had panties missing and now this pervert is going to get punished. I make him show me how he strokes his cock thinking about me and hes hesitant but I threaten to go tell if he doesnt do everything I tell him. I begin to torment and tease him with my body and remind him that he is now my slave and I want him to continue to jerk until he cums for me. Not just once but as many times as I tell him to. I take off my thong and make him shove them in his mouth. Thats better, you were making too much noise anyways loser! Now I want you to cum on my tits...DO IT! Thats good, now look what you have done. Try to explain your jizz all over my tits. Well you better have some cash to spend because I want to go shopping. Not so fast, we are not done yet. Now I want you to cum on my ass. Yes you can cum again or show is over and Im telling your I think your day will end better trying to get that second nut versus getting your ass beat. I knew you could do it loser. Now give me your wallet, you are taking me and my girlfriends to the mall.